101 weeks 101 cities

Starting on August 13 in 2015 we will start presenting 101 european cities on this blog. Based on the panoramastreetline project we will publish a previously unseen cityscape that shows a new unique perspective of the cities. Parallely the cityscapes (often in a different visual form) will be presented in the Skyscrapercity Forums as well. Usually we work around one week on each panorama published, however it will sometimes take longer to publish them, as we might have other jobs to do as well 😉

Currently our archive already includes more than 200 european cities. The cities to be featured are not yet set, though. And you can have an influence.

First, we will give you the chance to vote on cities from our archive to be featured. About every 4 months the most voted city will be published. To vote for a city, go to our archive section, pick a city from the very long list and enter the form (sure, you don’t have to pick the commercial interest option in the form).

Second, we add about 20-40 cities to the archive each year. So in the same form I mentioned above you can also suggest cities for us to visit. Here we can’t promise anything, but chances are higher we visit the cities than if we never heard of them before.

Third, if you take photographs with wide angle lenses yourself and would like us to publish a cityscape from a city in your region, we might find the time to create a streetline from your photos and publish them here. Again nothing can be promised and we would have to agree on certain usage rights, but please contact us if you are interested in this form of participation.